Are you aware of the absence of young cedars
along the banks of the Au Sable?

Au Sable The northern white-cedars along the river’s banks provide needed shade to maintain the cold water fishery of the Au Sable river. The presence of the cedar sweepers at the water line provides protection for the fish, increases the amount of large woody debris in the water, as well as the preservation of the riverbank by locking in the soil.

Planting of cedar seedlings will begin the reforestation of the natural cedars that have been consumed by the large local deer and hare population for decades. Volunteer members of the Au Sable River Property Owners Association (ARPOA) will pre-package Michigan White Cedar seedlings into a "planting kit"; Included in this planting kit will be 10 Michigan White Cedar seedlings, protective fencing material, wooden stakes, and complete planting instructions. Planting kits may be ordered by mail at a cost of $15.00 for each planting kit (a $35.00 value subsidized by our many sponsors). Detailed information will be mailed to you. The Kit(s) will be available for planting in September. For additional information, please contact project chair Howard N. Johnson

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Au Sable River Property Owners Association (ARPOA)
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